Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Synthé modulaire 2012 - free compilation

Artwork by ReNédesFlammes

The French speaking forum on modular synthesis,  Synthé modulaire , is proud to present the second annual compilation of pieces produced by active members of the forum.
For this year's compilation, the name of the game was "collaboration", in opposition to last year's solo works only.
This is to expand each participant's approach to modular synthesis by putting together his own and other people's methods, to explore new creational paths and bring together people with sometimes different mindsets for a common project. We wanted to develop plurality over individuality.
Strong artistic personalities sometimes clash but also sometimes can create beautiful things in joining forces for an even stronger output.

Mainly two different approaches were used for these creations.

One method is physical, very intuitive, where the performers meet physically for instantaneous, spontaneous and common output. Working towards that "magical" moment when it all fits together, generating happy accidents whilst freely improvising, without any frame or prepared basis. This can be hazardous when in a live performance context but here it was done in a familiar environment with only the other party as audience. Improvisation on modular synthesizers is a very demanding affair in terms of concentration (as it is the case with all types of instruments) and discipline, especially when there's more than one player... One has to pay attention to what he's doing but also needs to listen very carefully to what the other(s) is/are doing. It helps when the players know each-other well but it can be interesting to discover new or unknown aspects in each player's output.

The other method is virtual and differed in the sense that individual tracks are exchanged and that the pieces are built up gradually, layer by layer. Each one providing material that can be reworked and/or complemented by the other. This way of working obviously relies less on immediacy but is in no way less valid. Time is taken to refine details and to explore all available options. Validation of the material by all implied parties is essential. Results of this methodology are obviously more controlled, perhaps but not necessarily less intuitive and also very interesting. This production technique is more natural to artists that are geographically set apart or have differing schedules.

All in all, I think the pieces for this year's compilation are a little "wilder", more loose and more adventurous than the ones on the previous set. I guess this is inherent to the creational processes described earlier and in that respect I think the initial goals are reached.

The pieces on this compilation are not copyrighted and are free for you to enjoy. Please don't make any commercial use of these pieces without explicit consent of their creators.

No normalization or mastering has been applied to this compilation, so there are some significant differences in average output levels of the individual tracks.

You can download or listen to it on Bandcamp, here

Track listing :
1. Zeitdehner Vs ReNédesFlammes : Nonexistent colours surrounding the subject
2. Yohda Vs MechaSeb : Under the lightning wall
3. Zeitdehner Vs Phisynth : A machine, made entirely from ice, still detecting the remnants of galaxies
4. Phisynth Vs Trap&Zoid : Smells like a Burned Pizzeria
5. Trap&Zoid Vs RenéDesFlammes : Les Zombelges
6. Zeitdehner Vs Trap&Zoid : Sponge
7. Protofrangiste Vs Fréquence absurde : ProtoZap
8. [Djo] Vs MechaSeb : Recitify the parallax