Friday, May 10, 2013

Architecture, sonology and modular synthesizers

Photography by Zeitdehner

Synthé modulaire, the French speaking forum about modular synthesis, is proud to present the third annual compilation of works produced with modular synthesizers and by active members of the forum.
For this edition we wanted to explore the relationships between architecture and electronic music produced with modular synthesizers and electronic audio equipment, be it digital, analogue or hybrid, software or hardware, be it contemporary or vintage.

Texture, color, light, form, function, structure, dynamics, space, balance, precision, poetry, technique, soul, purpose, concept, craftmanship and many others are notions common to both disciplines.
Each track of this compilation is developing on one or more of the interrelational aspects of architecture and sound, each with its own vision, vocabulary and tools.

The pieces on this compilation are not copyrighted and are free for you to enjoy, but please don't make any commercial use of these pieces without explicit consent of their respective creators.

You can download the compilation on our  Bandcamp page

Track listing : 

1) Trente-trois intervalles by Mechaseb (The sun also rises)
2) Architecte de mon intérieur by ReNédesFlammes
3) Scrapbooking (Glue edition) by Mercutio
4) Modulor by Phisynth
5) Arts-Loi by SubG (Vedic spaces)
6) +47° 28' 22.01", -0° 33' 52.63" (in prison) by Ikkini (Wilfried Thierry)
7) Gameboy 2b by Bambou
8) Leakage by BLT (Trap&Zoid)
9) Town transformation process by Teethgrinder
10) Tatlin's tower by Zeitdehner
11) Le cabanon by Robonom
12) Architecture du corps humain by Yohda
13) Deviant structure mix by Djo
14) Bonus track 01 by Bambou
15) Bonus track 02 by Yohda & Mechaseb (The sun also rises)