Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zeitdehner's first digital EP out now

It is with great excitement and some pride that I may announce the release of a first digital EP for you to enjoy on Bandcamp : Zeitdehner - Today

The set consists of two "nocturnal" pieces. The first one being rather linear with a single evolving texture produced on the BEMI Electric Music Box, aka Music Easel, with two Bugbrand PT Delays.
The second piece is a more sophisticated affair, with more elaborate imagery, making use of all my currently available modular equipment.
Both tracks were, as always, recorded live in one take, no layering and no post production.

These pieces are best to be enjoyed on a high quality audio system, in a calm and comfortable setting in favor of total immersion.

Thank you for giving it a little time and attention.

Cheers !