Who the hell is Zeitdehner ?

Zeitdehner (time stretcher) is one man's output channel for sonic abstractions.The pieces depict events, feelings, thoughts, facts, illusions and realities in a simple and focussed way, with much attention given to moods, textures, density and resolution. Going down to the very grain of the image, like an examination of a Polaroid snapshot through a looking glass or a microscope, like putting the time & space flux through a sample & hold device. Sometimes zooming back out to get a broader picture, thus altering the very sense, the perception of time & space, hence "Zeitdehner". Always looking to reconcile the abstract with the concrete. These microfictions are created exclusively on modular synthesizers. The approach is to use no multi tracking techniques, instead capturing the patch live, as it is, in real time. This is to retain the spontaneity and the live nature of the work, with all the idiosyncrasies of the methodology. The computer is only used to capture the, so to speak, unaltered ephemeral moments.

I've always been fascinated by electronic music and what better instrument than the synthesizer to create such music? Over the years, I used lots of different types of synthesizers, all with their particular interface, set of features and character, but never was I fully satisfied. Eventually I found satisfaction in starting a modular synthesizer. This type of instrument is taylor made for my approach to electronic music and my way of working. I love the ergonomy, the aesthetics, the sensual, physical and intellectual relationship with the instrument. It offers me quasi total functional freedom and the means to explore the realms of  my creational processes, limited only by my own imagination. The resulting music is, at last, up to my expectations. The music in itself is more of abstract soundscapes than the casual, academic forms. I would not dare to call it experimental, as this has all been done long before by real experimentalists and sonic pioneers. "Its substance is in the instant, the ephemeral, like a split second in eternity, like polaroid snapshots of the fabric of time and space, like depictions of the Human nature within Nature and the Universe".So do they say...

Get in touch with me : zeitdehner@gmail.com