Sunday, April 19, 2015

Synthé modulaire - compilation 2015

For the fifth installment of the annual compilation of works by the active members of the French speaking forum about modular synthesis, Synthé-modulaire, we chose the question mark as a theme.

The question mark is the global symbol for questioning and interrogation, mystery and doubt. Questions arise from statements and statements arise from questions, an interactive concept that relies on curiosity.

By presenting this collection of untitled pieces by unidentified authors we hope to stimulate your curiosity, to give you total freedom in making up for your own statements in regards to your own questions. One will take a piece as a statement, while the other will take that same piece as a question. The whats, whys, whens, wheres, whos and hows are all up to you, the only thing we can say, and that you can take for granted, is that modular synthesizers were part of the production process for all presented pieces. Enjoy !

The compilation is available for streaming and download over here :

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