Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nano Mammoth

Once my Baby Mammoth was completed, back in November 2012, I needed another cab for the other MU modules I had.

So, I built a little "sidecar" with some wood leftovers from my previous builds, I named it the Nano Mammoth.

It's made out of Wengé stained pinewood, sports a Meanwell RD3513 power supply and a busboard with MTA156 4 pin connectors.
The Nano Mammoth can hold up to 8MU of modules.

It is the ideal partner for the Micro Mammoth. With these two portable cabs I can have my complete Hordijk system with me on the road...

Hereunder with my friends Bishop Dust, Fallafelbiels, 440Hz and Trap&Zoid at the CafĂ© Central  Brussels Modular Meeting, in November 2012.

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