Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Little Putney V2

With the original 2011 build of my Little Putney, I missed a crucial feature of the genuine VCS3/Synthi. That is output level control of individual waveform outputs from the oscillators.
The Analogue Systems RS95e oscillators do not have any output level control.

I have now finally implemented this with a passive attenuator bank. I designed a new frontpanel and had it cut, drilled and engraved by Schaeffer AG

The left hand joystick of the previous version of the panel was replaced by 9 Alpha 50K Lin potmeters. The lettering of the input jacks to the matrix now corresponds to the lettering on the matrix.

The potmeters are hardwired between the first nine input jacks to the matrix and the first nine lugs of the matrix.

Sure, the cabling is messy, but it works perfectly !

The implementation of this attenuator bank considerably extends the Little Putney's functionality.
I primarily use it to control waveform output levels of the oscillators, thus creating new complex waveforms by blending different waveforms. This yields for some stunning results in conjunction with the onboard, active, voltage controlled waveshaping functionality of the RS95e oscillators.
Not only this attenuator bank is a great sound sculpting tool, it is also a great performance tool. It makes for more dynamic performances in a multi timbral setting by fading in and out  manually and acurately different sound sources within the synth.
All this makes the Little Putney an even more unique, flexible and powerful synth with an infinitely extended sonic palette and his very own and unique sonic character.

The Little Putney is now living a new life with his new owner... I miss you, buddy...


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